Maximum Impact


Maximum Impact

        Our formula for spreading the gospel is

HP + CP + CC = MI

        High Potency plus Close Proximity plus Clear Communication equals Maximum Impact.

        As we live the life we have described over the past three articles in this series, we must remember the goal. We want Maximum Impact.

        First, we do not want to fit in. We want to impact people. That is, we want to leave an impression with them and we want to change them. We want them to be able to notice us. We cannot be ashamed of the gospel.

        Like Paul in Romans 1:16-17, we have to recognize the power of the gospel. Only then will we overcome the shame. Certainly, many people do not want to change. But changing lives is what the gospel is about. We must not fear asking others to change. Only then will we make an impact.

        Further, we do not want some impact, we want Maximum Impact.

        What does Maximum Impact mean? It means we want to make as much impact as possible. We want to leave this impression with and change the lives of as many people as possible.

        That means we do not live the highly potent life some of the time. Then we will only impact some people. Rather, we must live this life all the time. It means we do not try to live this life just in front of certain people. Too many times we might judge people as unworthy of the gospel. But then, weren’t we unworthy of the gospel as well. We must be glad someone lived the highly potent life in close proximity to us and then clearly communicated the gospel to us. We must live this life in front of everyone.

        Finally, it means we have to do all three of the steps. Without High Potency, no one will be impressed or impacted by our lives. They will see no reason to become what we are because they will see no difference. Without Close Proximity to the lost, we may be completely different, bearing all manner of fruit, but only the saved will see it. The lost we want to impact never will. Additionally, without Clear Communication of the gospel, no one will know why we live differently or what they must do to be like us. Nobody will know how to be saved simply by seeing good example. If we don’t tell folks, they will not know it is Jesus they are seeing in us. Therefore we must teach them.

        We want Maximum Impact. Let’s live every day to accomplish that goal.

--Edwin L. Crozier