Why Us?

Why Us?

Because of Our Vision and Our Goals

The church of Christ at Brownsburg is dedicated to being a New Testament church in every way. Our vision is the Lord’s, to see the Great Commission of our Lord fulfilled in our own community, across our nation and beyond all borders to every race and people.

Our goals toward accomplishing His vision consist of following the pattern for church growth found in the pages of the New Testament. We want to grow spiritually by immersing ourselves in the word of God and we trust He will bring other believers to be part of His body in this place so that we grow numerically also. Perhaps you’re one that’s been looking for the first century church in this twenty-first century.


Because of Our Leadership

It has been said that most groups will only rise to the level of their leadership. The leadership of this congregation is not chosen arbitrarily or by vote. Instead specific qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 for elders and deacons are followed to the letter. This is to insure that the Holy Spirit has the last word in the quality of men who guide the Lord’s church. Their qualifications are closely tied to their spiritual maturity, their Bible knowledge and the application of that knowledge in their personal lives, their family leadership, and their character development. You can trust our leaders to stand fast on the word of God.


David Roberts, Eric Mizell, Michael Hunt, Lanny Hosfield, Glenn Eldridge.


Because of Our Fellowship

The Christian life was intended to be lived as a family relationship, not a lonely endurance contest. To the end of encouraging spiritual fellowship or partnership we try to stay in contact as a family on a continual basis, as well as during regular times of worship and Bible class. To do this we use an email discussion list available to members 24/7 to request prayers, offer encouragement, and generally share the issues of life with one another. We have visitation groups that contact and check on members who are sick, absent, or have special needs. There is a weekly bulletin, Working God's Way, put out with encouraging articles, news & notes, and lesson outlines. We also offer Biblical counseling in the form of our elders and our evangelists, Thailer Jimerson and Mike Sullivan.


Because of Our Outreach

The Brownsburg church Of Christ takes seriously the Lord’s mission to “seek and save the lost.” While other churches have gotten sidetracked with political lobbying and continual fund raising efforts, this congregation continues to keep a Biblical focus on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has been done in years past with door-to-door efforts and fair booths for the purpose of handing out Bible materials. Presently the church financially supports gospel preaching efforts in special local meetings, in various parts of the U.S., and in numerous overseas efforts.

Because of Our Bible Classes

We feel one of our strongest points is the children’s Bible class curriculum built over the last fifteen years by teachers and concerned parents. The program covers the entire Bible every two years for all ages 2 years old through Jr. High and is reviewed regularly to keep it fresh and biblically on track. We also offer a class for infants, ages 6 months to 2 years of age. Our teachers really make the system work and are continually adding to the program to improve it.


Because of Social Activities

We believe it is Biblical to encourage Christians to socialize with one another and so any number of families in our midst host or plan get-togethers throughout the year so that we might spend time with one another. One difference you might notice with this congregation is that we do not fund our recreational activities with money contributed for the Lord’s work. We believe wholesome association and recreation belongs firmly in the area of family responsibility. There are hog roasts, camping trips, dinners, potlucks, New Year’s Eve get-togethers, and monthly gatherings for our youth. All of these are funded and hosted individually so that the work of the church might remain focused on spiritual endeavors.


Because of Our History

For over 80 years, New Testament Christians have been worshipping and growing together in this congregation. Consistently the truth has been taught and Jesus Christ glorified at the Brownsburg church Of Christ. We’d love for you to join with us in this enduring effort to serve God. Be our guest anytime you have opportunity.

We hope you’ll come out this Sunday and be our guest at worship services. Services begin at 9:30 on Sunday morning Worship with Bible classes. Our Wednesday Bible classes begin at 7:00 PM.

A warm welcome always awaits you at Brownsburg Church of Christ!