Jesus The King

Jesus The King


“Who is Jesus?”  This question has captivated us for 2,000 years. People, even skeptics, are fascinated by this Person. Who is he?  And many have chimed in: “zealot”, “magician”, “prophet”, “gentle, benign hippie shepherd”.  Forget everything you’ve heard before. Jesus doesn’t want to be defined by others. He seems to consider Himself the one in charge of defining.  So, what does it mean for him to show you who he is, in the Bible? 

Mark tells us that when he’s crucified, there was a placard nailed above his head. This inscription told the world why this man was on a cross. It could’ve said anything.  But it said, in three different languages, “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”

He’s another king. But as you read further in the story, I think you’ll begin to see he isn’t the kind of king we expect.




Series 1:  Why the First Century didn't Understand Jesus and Why We Don't


Series 2:  Why Some in the First Century Saw the Real Jesus and How We Do Too

Series 3:  Revealed before birth, the prophets foretelling Jesus (Kingly Prophecies)


Series 4:  Jesus in the Eyes of the Jews


Series 5:  Jesus in the Eyes of the Gentiles/Samaritans


Series 6: What Jesus Did 101


Series 7: The First Prophecy of Jesus


Series 8: The Healing King


Series 9: The Conquering King


Series 10:  Prophecies of Jesus, What He Suffered


Series 11:  The Sacrificial King


Series 12:  Serving Jesus in the Flesh


Series 13:  Transformed by Jesus


Series 14:  The Loudly Silent Entry

Series 15:  How Does Jesus Rule in His Kingdom?


Series 16:  What is Jesus' Kingdom Today?


Series 17:  "WWJD" and the confusion of our generation


Series 18:  "WWJD" and how we humble ourselves and imitate him


Series 19:  There is work in the Kingdom.  How do we shine the light of the Gospel?


Series 20:  The Sower


Series 21:  Helping Another With Salvation


Series 22:  Known for Love


Series 23:  Empowering Prayer


Series 24:  Living in Two Kingdoms


Series 25:  Anyone Can Serve


Series 26:  The Real Melting Pot