Our Evangelists

Our Evangelists

In the Bible, evangelists are those entrusted with the study and proclamation of the gospel – the good news that God has become King in and through Jesus Christ, the world’s risen Lord. We read about the work of evangelists in passages such as 1 Timothy 4.6-16 and 2 Timothy 4.1-5.

Meet our evangelists Thailer Jimerson and Joshua Webber.


Thailer Jimerson is our evangelist focused on aiding the congregation to grow in faith, love, and  talents.

When his family arrived to begin working with us here at Brownsburg in May of 2015, they felt like they were finally home since he and his wife, Amber, both grew up in the Avon area and are graduates of Avon High School.

Before Brownsburg, he worked closely for three years with the Smedley Church of Christ in Salem, Indiana.  Prior to the Smedley work, he did a one-year internship under Ken Sils at the Southside Church of Christ in Crawfordsville, Indiana. After many trips to Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, and Singapore, Thailer found a passion for foreign evangelism and hopes to eventually engage in long-term work there with the help of brother Bob Buchanon and Allen Malone.

Thailer and Amber have been married since 2010, and they have three children - Isaac, Joy, and Noë Grace.




Joshua Webber is our evangelist focused on helping the congregation to share their faith, love and talents. Joshua and his wife, Samantha, joined our church  family in June of 2014.

Joshua’s journey to Brownsburg covers several years and a lot of miles. In his hometown of San Diego, California, God fanned into flame Joshua’s desire for teaching lost souls. He left home for Temple Terrace, Florida, where he earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Florida College in the Spring of 2009. After graduation, Joshua moved to Huntsville, Alabama, for a one-year training program with the church at Gooch Lane and subsequently worked for four years with the West Rogersville congregation. 

 It was during his time in Alabama that Joshua met and married Samantha. Now the two of them bring to our church a passion for people and sharing the good news with any who will hear it.