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See Jonah Run

This is a sermon about why we run from God by looking through the lens of Jonah.


Scripture: Jonah 1

(Additional Reading: Exodus 3.11; Jeremiah 1.6; Romans 2.17-24; Luke 15.20).


Because we don’t know God.





Because we do know God.





“Revelation is not an act of man’s seeking, but of his being sought after, an act in God's search of man. The prophet did not grope for God. God's search of man, not man's quest for God, was conceived to have been the main event in Israel's history. This is at the core of all Biblical thoughts: God is not a being detached from man to be sought after, but a power that seeks, pursues and calls upon man. The way to God is a way of God. Israel's religion originated in the initiative of God rather than in the efforts of man.”

- Abraham Joshua Heschel –