Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations Graduates!

By Andrew Roberts

Dr. Seuss wrote, “Oh the places you’ll go.” And the wise king Solomon reminds young people that wherever they go, go with God. “Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth,” Ecclesiastes 12:1.

Graduation is a unique passage in life. It marks the close of one chapter of life and the beginning of a new one. It is a time to reflect on childhood and the many experiences of thirteen (or so) years in education. It is the beginning of adulthood – young adulthood – but nevertheless, adulthood.

As one comedian recounted, “On my 18th birthday my father and I had a talk. He said, ‘Now you are 18. Today the boy has become a man. Now you can go to college, you can go to the army, or you can go to work. But the keyword is go!’”

I am proud to be acquainted with the number of this year’s graduates who have grown up in the Brownsburg congregation. They are smart, committed, talented, and godly. Over the past four years different ones have excelled in academics, athletics, performing arts, and public service. They have been active at church and outside of church worshipping God, sharing the gospel, and shining their Christian light among peers.

They may leave the congregation soon for the “places they’ll go,” but they will never leave the hearts and prayers of the brothers and sisters here. This is a time for joy. As Solomon wrote,

Rejoice, O young man, in your youth,

​​And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth;

​​Walk in the ways of your heart,

​​And in the sight of your eyes;

​​But know that for all these

​​God will bring you into judgment.


​​Therefore remove sorrow from your heart,

​​And put away evil from your flesh,

​​For childhood and youth are vanity. – Ecclesiastes 11:9-10


And so to graduates: This season of life passes quickly too. Celebrate the opportunities that lie before you, and enjoy the fruit of your labors. Remember God, and make wise choices. You can do great things. I think you will do great things. But like every person we read about in the Bible, the greatest thing you can do with life is to faithfully serve God according to His Word.