Clear Communication


Clear Communication

        Remember our formula for impacting Brownsburg with the precious Gospel of Christ.

HP + CP + CC = MI

        High Potency plus Close Proximity plus Clear Communication equals Maximum Impact.

        We are a little apprehensive with actually teaching someone the gospel. What if we get something wrong? What if they ask a question to which we do not know the answer? What if our mind blanks at a crucial moment? No doubt, every person who has ever taught the gospel has hit a hitch in the road somewhere along the way. But this does not change the fact that we have to teach people the gospel.

        According to Romans 10:13-15, the only way anyone can be saved is through clear communication. If no one teaches, no one hears. If no one hears, no one believes. If no one believes, no one calls on the Lord. If no one calls, no one is saved.

        Now, the frightening part—how do I actually communicate the gospel to somebody?

        First, in order to clearly communicate the gospel, you have to know the gospel. Hebrews 5:11-14 demonstrates this point. The Hebrews could not teach because they had forgotten what they knew. Clearly some among us are young enough Christians that we are naturally still on the milk of the Word. This passage provides hope that as you continue to grow, you will progress to meat, and you too will be able to teach. The rest of us, better get with it and learn to teach.

        However, we do not have to know everything in order to teach someone the gospel. Look at Peter. His teaching helped convert about 3000 people in Acts 2. But at the time he did not understand that Gentiles could be converted. We do not have to know everything in order to teach the gospel, but we should teach what we know, which leads us to a simple way of communicating the gospel to others.

        What convinced you to obey the gospel? What did you need to learn in order to obey the gospel? Do you realize that is the same thing others need to know? Take some time to write down and organize what you learned and what convinced you. Begin by teaching others from there.

        In time, you will grow and include more of your Bible knowledge. But let’s face it, if it convinced you, it can convince others.

        In the end, remember that we are simply servants to whom teaching opportunities are given. God is the one who causes growth (I Corinthians 3:5-7). He can use even you and what you know to convict others of their need for the gospel. Rely on Him to do the saving. Teach what you know when you can teach, and leave the saving up to God.

--Edwin L. Crozier